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Student evaluations of teaching (SETs) are filled out by students at the end of each course they take. In Spring 2010, after extensive research, Bentley University replaced its course evaluation instrument. Results from the new instrument are available at this site. As you peruse these SETs results, keep in mind the following: The current survey is designed to elicit students’ evaluations of the instructor only; the current survey instrument is not designed to elicit students’ evaluations of the course as a whole, and in particular, the course’s content or subject matter; there is no question that can be understood as an “overall” evaluation of the instructor; student evaluations of instructors on SETs should be just one part of the overall evaluation of instructors. Also, the previous survey used a scale of 1 to 5; the current survey uses a scale of 1 to 6. Because both the scale and the questions have changed, we do not recommend trying to compare results from the old to the new surveys. The memo link below provides additional information on how to use the SET data. 

Access detailed SETs here: https://p1.courseval.net/bentley

SETs interpretation memo from Faculty Evaluation Procedures Committee.

SETs prior to 2010 can be accessed here.