Credits and Acknowledgements

Cultura-Biz 2007:
This website was developed for the business students who took part in a Cultura exchange between Bentley College and Toulouse I in the fall of 2007. It is based on the original Franco-American Cultura project acknowledged below. The various modules offer pointers to vast quantities of juxtaposable materials, only a fraction of which a class can explore in depth over the course of a semester. If you find this collection of cross-cultural links useful, we would love to hear from you.

Anne Poncet-Montange, Adjunct assistant professor of Modern Languages, Bentley College
Hélène Palmeri, Professeur d'Anglais, Département des Langues et Civilisations, Toulouse I

Cultura was created and developed by:
Gilberte Furstenberg, Senior Lecturer in French, MIT
Sabine Levet, Senior Lecturer in French, MIT
Shoggy T Waryn, Senior Lecturer in French, Brown University

With the support from:
The National Endowment for the Humanities
The Consortium for Language Teaching and Learning
MIT, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Cultural Services of the French Consulate, Boston
INT, Institut National des Télécommunications

Special thanks to:
Katherine Maillet, INT
Kathryn English, INT
Carl Storz, INT
Susan Fries, INT
Jean-Claude Jacques, Supaéro
Nicole Desrosiers, Lenox Memorial High School
Dominique Trimouille, Lycée Marcelin Berthelot, Pantin
Craig Counterman, ACS, MIT
Anne Lavin, ACS, MIT
Katie Livingston, ACS, MIT
Emanuel Marcovitch
Brieux Bougnoux
Pierre Bouchara

Interface Design:
Brian O'Neill - Rhythmspice Media and Shoggy Waryn

Project Management:
Shoggy Waryn

Cultura Logo Design:
Dan Warner